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Dependable International Shipping in Madison, NJ


You need to know that when you are shipping a package to someone it is going to get there quickly and safely. Shipping an iPad to your aunt in Des Moines might seem simple enough, but trying to send that same iPad to someone in Australia is a completely different story. When you are in need of fast and reliable international shipping in Madison, NJ, Pack Ship N More is there to help you.

International shipping is far more complicated than simply trying to send something domestically. Why? It is because every country has their own different set of laws and rules regarding commodities entering their country. Some items, for example, can be shipped without issue to Spain, while the same exact items may be prohibited for shipping to Mexico.

You also need to know the rules for import taxes, international duties, brokerage fees, and other additional costs that may be assessed on your shipment. And don’t forget the specialized international document requirements--if you don’t include the proper paperwork, your shipment may never arrive.


A Simple Way to Ship Internationally

All of the above might make you second guess trying to send that package out internationally, but relax. Thanks to our international shipping services, every detail of your shipment is handled for you without any hiccups or problems. We work with both small and big packages and know exactly how to pack, document, and ship your items to arrive safely and on time to almost anywhere in the world.

Shipping packages out internationally is only a hassle if you don’t choose to work with our team of trained professionals. We simplify the entire process for you so that sending your international mail is easy.

As International Shipping Specialists, we provide the following:

  • Shipping to over 200 countries on 7 continents
  • Multi-carrier shipping options
  • International packing service
  • International documentation – Commercial Invoice, Pro Forma invoice, E. E. I. forms
  • Automated Airway bill

Your Package Will Get There

There can be a lot of reservation before sending a large or expensive package internationally. It is the job of our shipping service to help alleviate some of these worries you have by ensuring that you have done everything required to expedite the delivery of your package and avoid potential issues that can cause an item to get delayed, lost, or refused.

When it comes to international shipping, come and visit our specialists to simplify your life. We take the guesswork and frustration out of mailing packages internationally.


Have A Question About International Shipping?

Contact us for more information about the different countries we ship too. Our team is proud to assist clients located throughout the Madison, New Jersey, area.

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